VAT Refund Services

Your tax return has greater input VAT than output VAT. In the meantime you may also request as a taxpayer a refund of the additional amount with help of our proficient tax agents in UAE. While input VAT is tax payable for goods or services that are purchased by a business or a taxable person in the UAE, the output VAT is the collected tax on the items sold by a business or a taxable individual in UAE.


Know about the Eligibility criteria for acquiring VAT Refunds


Since the inception of VAT in UAE, our company and our team of expert tax professionals assist our clients who are eligible for VAT refunds and they are as follows:

  • Taxable people or company that has paid an excessive amount for VAT


  • Tourists as well as foreign company’s representatives visiting UAE


  • Military bodies, foreign governments, global organizations, institutions and so on that have incurred VAT for any item that may be supplied in UAE


Reasons for choosing us for VAT Refund Services in UAE 


Our team of expert VAT professionals is aware of everything that is necessary regarding the VAT activities of each and every customer. This includes things that have been done at national, regional and international level. On the other hand, we also ensure that VAT refund claims in the UAE are processed as quickly as possible. In the meantime, it ensures that a business must receive complete VAT refunds that it is entitled to. The process is flexible enough to cater to the specific needs of each and every customer. Similarly we assign the best management team for each and every business to ensure that the individual needs of our customers are covered up in a comprehensive manner.