Internal Audit Services in Dubai


Internal auditing signifies an independent, objective assurance as well as consulting activity designed in order to enhance value as well as boost up the company’s functioning. It allows your company to achieve its goal thereby bringing a disciplined, systematic approach to assess as well as enhance the effectiveness of risk management, control as well as government processes.


Internal Auditing Solutions that we provide:


  • Assessing the business risks as well as providing relevant suggestions

  • Examining the operation processes of the company and evaluating its overall performance regarding its overall business objectives
  • Advising as well as helping the company in developing internal audit as well as risk methodologies

  • Compliance auditing and informing the management of the degree of compliance with established procedures, laws, contractual provisions policies, regulations and so on.

  • Finding out the areas of ancillary revenue as well as gaps in the existing revenue streams
  • Helping the management in identifying the present as well as the extent of the overall financial inconsistencies if there is anything as well as accumulating essential evidence for the legal purposes
  • Offering practical recommendations for overall improvement in the control systems
  • Evaluating internal control structures of a company thus ensuring compliance with the local laws as well as regulations, and confirming total obedience to the operational processes