External Audit Services


External audit is a regular check of the records or procedures conducted by the proficient auditors who do not belong to the company to be actually audited. It allows both the government as well as company to check out the accounting documents. An external audit may be done voluntarily or involuntarily by an outsider. This type of auditing is done in order to check out the overall accuracy of the statements and the financial standing of a company. 


Quality External Audit Services provided by us!


  • Evaluating the business performance against predetermined management goals 
  • Scrutinizing the overall accounting records as well as checking out other evidence supporting the financial statements  
  • Assessing the business risks as well as offering the best suggestions

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We are one of the leading financial consultants in UAE offering multiple services such as auditing, accounting, VAT services and more. We have been offering high quality auditing services in Dubai and other areas of UAE. We follow proven and accurate approach in order to ensure that each and every item essential for investigation as well as verification of the financial records is effectively substantiated. 

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